Enabling Access to Excellence: The Disability Challenge

City University of New York Addresses 
Technology Accessibility for People with Disabilities

As technology becomes more complex and its mastery becomes critical in every field, software and hardware design issues often create significant barriers for people with disabilities.  Fortunately,  technology also holds the potential to overcome these new hi-tech barriers, as well as many old low-tech and no-tech barriers.  We at CUNY are working together to identify and eliminate our technology barriers, enhancing CUNY's ability to fulfill its mission of access, opportunity, and diversity, and enabling our students, faculty and staff to explore and excel.

We know not to create a physical barrier on our campuses that would bar people who use wheelchairs; we are also required to eliminate a wide range of corresponding technology barriers for people with a variety of disabilities.  Federal and NYS laws and policies add to the urgency that we do it now.

This site was launched in conjunction with a May 2001 conference co-sponsored by the CUNY University Faculty Senate and the CUNY Office of Computing and Information Services (CUNY/CIS).  These pages include information about the conference as well as with links to internal and external technology access resources.  After the conference, these web pages will be part of a general reference site on technology access.



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We look forward to working together at the conference.

University Faculty Senate Committee on Disabilities Issues
   Baruch - Karen Luxton Gourgey
   BMCC - Sandra Blake-Neis (co-chair), Stephen Desmond
   Brooklyn - Roberta Adelman, Shirley Puchkoff
   City - Kevin Tucker
   Hunter - Tamara Green, Ellen Steinberg
   John Jay - Karen Kaplowitz (UFS Executive Committee liaison)
   LaGuardia - Don Davidson (co-chair), Jhony Nelson
   Queens - Syd Lefkoe, Chris Rosa

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