Enabling Access to Excellence: The Disability Challenge
Technology Accessibility for People with Disabilities
City University of New York

Evaluation Form
May 18, 2001 Conference

Please take a moment to complete this form and leave it in the box at the end of the day.  Since this is a pilot project, your feedback is particularly important.  Use the back of this sheet if you need more space.  Thank you very much.

1) Has today's program been useful?  How?

2) Do you think you'll be able to incorporate any of the ideas discussed today into your work?  In what way?

3) Are there specific types of help you feel you need in order to take action in this area?  Please be specific.  Would you like us to contact you about this?  If so, please complete the information at the bottom of this form.

4) If you were planning this event next time, what would you do?

5) Would you attend future access-related events?  Why or why not? Any suggestions for the next topic?

6) Other comments?

Name:                                                                            Phone:
Title / Office:                                                                 Email:

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