Enabling Access to Excellence: The Disability Challenge

City University of New York
Technology Accessibility for People with Disabilities

CUNY Information and Instructional Technology Conference
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November 15, 2002
John Jay College - 899  10th Avenue

Ramping the "Digital Divide": Accessible IT for People with Disabilities
Concurrent Session     2: 10 pm - 3: 00 pm - Room 203
Sponsored by the University Faculty Senate

Information technology creates extraordinary opportunity to promote people with disabilities' full participation in all aspects of CUNY life. However, IT also has the unprecedented potential to create a "digital divide" that leaves the University's more than 11,000 students, faculty, and staff with disabilities behind.  This workshop will highlight best practices in assistive technology, web access, and universal programmatic design that will help colleges to ensure that their IT is accessible to all members of their campus communities.

     Chris Rosa, Queens College

     Karen Kaplowitz, University Faculty Senate

     Legal Context
     Gloria Medonne, Office of Compliance & Diversity

     Adaptive Computing
     Kevin Tucker, The City College of New York
     Ron Bissessar, CUNY Assistive Technology Services Project

     Web Accessibility
     Karen Gourgey, Baruch College's Computer Center for Visually Impaired People
     Pratik Patel, CUNY Assistive Technology Services Project

     Best Practices in Accessible IT
     Jim Kozak, Brooklyn College
     Vice President Howard Lapidus, Queensborough Community College

     Syd Lefkoe, Queens College, University Faculty Senate Committee on Disabilities Issues

Additional information and resources are available at http://access.cuny.edu/.

The University Faculty Senate Committee on Disabilities Issues

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